Mid-Year Update: BIG Things Happening At Virtuosity Worldwide

If you haven’t heard by now, Virtuosity Worldwide LLC is a four-part promotional powerhouse for emerging artists of all mediums – VW Digital Promotions, VW Radio, VW Arts & Entertainment Web Magazine and Make Your Band Your Business – built with a focus on assisting artists, on their road to success. Here’s where we’re at, half way through 2019.

VW Radio officially launched on May 5th, and although we got off to a rocky start due to licensing issues and website problems, things are finally working smoothly and we’re moving forward.

We’ve already added three DJs and two live shows. Mike and Mitch host Cowboy’s Juke Joint, every Sunday night at 8pm eastern time and Canada’s Ms. Lois, hosts Totally Tuned In every Wednesday at 11am eastern time.

#VWRadio logo design by Peter Von of Peter Pam Productions. Moving globe, courtesy of our partner, Mike Dewald.

We will also be airing podcasts of some of our favorite shows, featuring DJs, interviews and live studio performances from around the world. 

So far, podcasts we are currently adding to rotation are Red Arrow Studio‘s live, in-studio performances and The Beth Williams Songwriter Show. Both will feature a new broadcast every week. We will also be featuring some archived interview shows, hosted by Mike and Mitch of Cowboy’s Juke Joint

The new schedule for our licensed, 24/7 stream, including newly added podcasts, will be revealed within the next couple weeks.

Special thanks to Peter Von of Peter Pam Productions, for this supercool logo he created for us! If you’re in need of a new logo, tour poster – anything to do with graphic art – Peter is your man! For more info, contact him here: Peter Pam Productions

It’s important to us, that artists are paid when they’re played. That’s why we are licensed through Live365, and also offer artists a choice of how they can be compensated for submitting music for rotation. We will either purchase your tracks through your preferred platform, or you can submit tracks and we will compensate you with a short feature that will be published both on the VW Radio blog, as well as the Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine.

If you are an emerging artist and would like to be considered for rotation in our licensed, 24/7 stream, fill out and submit this form: VW RADIO SUBMISSION FORM

The Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine, was just launched on February 1st of this year, and has really taken off. We are closing in on 1,000 Facebook followers and have over 200 blog subscribers. Those numbers are going up every day.

We now have a total of eight authors on staff! They are Kim Carney, Sharon Black, Nora Lee, Pam Taylor, Cat Beach, Bradford Loomis, Denise Byers and Steven F. Adams. To read more about these amazing writers, follow the article links below, and look for their engaging and entertaining features this summer: 

Hot Off The Mess With Pam Taylor

Four New Writers Added

Authors On Staff

Kim Carney, Owner/Founder of Virtuosity Worldwide LLC, has been a writer on staff at Artistic Echoes, a popular web magazine based in the U.K., for several years.  

One of the benefits of having a full length feature, written by Kim Carney, is that it’s published both here in the VW Arts & Entertainment Magazine and Artistic Echoes, as well. This gives our artists the added benefit of exposure, both here and across the pond.

Artistic Echoes has made tremendous strides in supporting emerging artists over the last few years – find out more about them here: Artistic Echoes 

We look forward to partnering with AE on more projects, in the near future. Stay tuned for updates.

Our digital promotion services, here at Virtuosity Worldwide LLC, are in full swing.

We offer web and storefront design, EPK and One Sheet creation, as well as social media management services.

All emerging artists featured on VW Radio, will receive a 50% discount on all digital promotion services, as well as several payment plan options. It’s just another small way we can support our artists, as they work toward their dreams. 

Remember, although our digital services are geared toward emerging artists, we are a great source for other areas in the music industry as well, including studios, record labels, radio stations, venues, etc. 

For more information, contact Kim Carney at virtuosityworldwide@gmail.com

Order your copy today - click the image above.

Last, but absolutely not least, is Make Your Band Your Business, a non-profit subsidiary of Virtuosity Worldwide. Although this important piece hasn’t been launched yet, and is still in the planning stages, great strides have already been made.

We are teaming up with some powerful players in today’s music industry, including producer Dave Hillis (Pearl Jam), Chris Daniels (band leader for 35 years of Chris Daniels & The Kings, Professor of Music Business at C.U. Denver and Executive Director of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame), J.P. Kellogg, Esq. (Entertainment Attorney and Professor of Music Business at Berklee College Of Music) and Cliff Witherspoon (Red Arrow Studio). 

In addition, many veteran artists are partnering with us as well, including Colin “Bones” Jones (Chris Daniels & The Kings), Pam Taylor and Peter Von (Pam Taylor & The Flying Vs) and Shane Thornton (Black Cadillac Kings)

If you are an established artist that would like to volunteer your expertise, and partner with us, please contact Kim Carney at virtuosityworldwide@gmail.com.

Make Your Band Your Business aka MYBYB has a tentative launch date of 1/1/2020, and is going to be a three-part platform, with the sole purpose of assisting artists with their music business, in order to be successful in today’s ever-changing industry. The three pieces of this platform, are outlined below.


The MYBYB Educational Platform will offer online training tools and live webinars, hosted by our music industry partners, on important subjects that emerging artists need to know to be successful in today’s music industry.


The MYBYB Finance Platform will offer 0% loans to qualified artists, who need money for studio time, creating a music video, planning a tour – anything music business related.

We hope that offering loans with no interest, as well as easy repayment plans will keep artists moving forward with their careers.


We will be partnering with several businesses that offer emerging artists assistance with planning tours. Our goal is to have all the tour-building assets an artist may need, in one convenient location.

Our first partner is Tour Sleeper – a traveling musician’s Air BnB, and we have several other partnerships currently in the works.

If you are an established presence in the music industry, and would like to partner with us to help make MYBYB a reality, or for more information on anything in this article, contact Kim Carney at virtuosityworldwide@gmail.com

A personal note from Kim Carney:

I would like to express my gratitude, to everyone on the Virtuosity Worldwide team, as well as the many artists I am honored to call friends, that have supported, encouraged and inspired me to keep going over these last few, difficult months, after losing my brother and mother.

In spite of the exceptionally rough year, some beautiful things are taking shape, for the artists I have pledged my support to for years.

Our tagline reads, “It takes teamwork to make dreams work,” and is that ever true. With the amazing team I have standing beside me, dreams are going to come true for the emerging artists we love so much.

Thank you all, from the deepest parts of my heart.

~Kim Carney

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