Help Us Welcome Our New Author On Staff – Nora Hughes

Nora Hughes is a Colorado native, born and raised in the beautiful valley of Grand Junction. With ‘hippy’ parents who both dabbled in the arts, she grew up acquiring a strong appreciation and passion for art and culture, music, reading, writing and nature.

Nora is a mom and grandma, as well as an avid supporter of animal rights and the homeless. She is an elementary school art teacher, wears many hats at the local art center, a published writer (currently dipping her toes in the freelance market) and a certified adult and kids yoga instructor.

In her ‘free’ time,  Nora enjoys  spending time with her family, volunteering in the community, traveling, practicing yoga, meditation, and journaling, learning new things- anything and everything!, enjoying live music and spending time out in nature- walking, hiking and finding new places 

2 thoughts on “Help Us Welcome Our New Author On Staff – Nora Hughes

  1. Very proud of my daughter, Nora Lee… She has worked hard, and made it through any obstacles life has thrown at her. She is a winner. A great daughter, a great mother and grandmother. I am one proud momma… She also helps me in raising her deceased sisters twins, one of which has a rare disease in which there is no cure, he also has a traumatic brain injury and autism She is a great help to me and is also trained in helping me give Brett his chest infusions and injections which keep him alive, she also is the first one who always goes with me to Children’s hospital with the kids. She is a wonderful person and great support system for me on one of the hardest journeys I have been on. So proud of my daughter..

    1. Greetings Cendie – This is Kim Carney, owner/founder of Virtuosity Worldwide LLC. Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I’m thinking someone needs to write a feature article on Nora. She’s clearly an amazing person. We are honored and super excited to have Nora join our staff and we have no doubt that Nora will continue to make you proud.

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